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Superior Quality, Passionate Customer Service, and Industry Leading Pricing.

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These are the 3 hand crafted foundations that have helped pave the way for Dream Labs to become who we are today. The quality of our vaporizing products using entirely ceramic something steve helpand modern lab testing something. Staying in contact with our industry partners like a nosey neighbor is something we take serious pride in and providing continuous support to your business is an essential part of our company practices. All while offering industry leading prices as a direct supplier based in New Jersey, USA

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Alexa Young, CA


When we set out to create Dream Labs, we had one goal in mind. Provide a safe, high quality product for our customers, all while maintaining the type of customer service you expect from a small business and pricing matching those of industry leaders for our partners. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and the recent adult-use cannabis reform bills signed, legalizing and regulating cannabis use and possession for adults 21 years and older in the state of New Jersey, we here at Dream Labs have set out to help customers experience all the wonderful things life has to offer. 

Producing a variety of minor cannabinoid products, we strive to help all of our customers enjoy life to the fullest and be thoroughly educated while doing it! Dream Labs is not simply a brand or product, we are a culture. Being strong advocates of the marijuana and hemp industry and the usage of relating products, we love and understand the powerful benefits behind all cannabis related products.  We want to help our customers and partners alike achieve their dreams by starting with our own, Dream Labs.


We look forward to taking a role in helping to create safe and logical legislation surrounding Delta 8 THC and other minor cannabinoids. Working with public figures and industry partners, we plan on advocating for a more educated and accepting world in the fight for cannabis legalization across all continents. Giving back to our communities is something we have our eyes set on as well. Working with charities and providing sponsorships are some of the things we have planned to help make this little rock we call home, a better place. 

We also proudly make testing and safety of our products an absolute priority at Dream Labs. With the known issues of fake and possibly harmful vapes and cartridges filled with dangerous chemicals like vitamin E acetate and solvent residue that can have serious health risks, we want our users to know they are getting a product that is routinely tested at multiple stages of production, starting at where the hemp plants are grown.

 Dream Labs, along with our raw material suppliers, use state of the art methods to maintain a high quality

You may notice the nature of our branding is very 


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